Cheese Steaks & Subs

Extra toppings $.50


Chicken Steaks

served on an 11” roll

Chicken Steak no cheese  $6.99

with cheese  $7.99

Chicken Cacciatore Steak  $8.99
Chicken steak, fried onions, mushrooms, sweet peppers, provolone & marinara

California Chicken Cheese Steak  $8.99
Chicken steak, fried onions, imported ham, spinach & provolone

Buffalo Chicken Cheese Steak  $8.99
Chicken steak, buffalo sauce, bleu cheese & melted provolone



served on an 11” roll

Plain Steak no cheese  $6.99

with cheese  $7.99

Garlic Bread Cheese Steak  $8.99

Pepperoni  $8.99

Pizza Steak  $8.99

Bacon & Cheddar Steak  $8.99

Tony’s Supreme $8.99
Tender steak, sweet peppers, three cheeses, mushrooms. fried onions & tomato sauce

Veggie Grinder $7.99
Broccoli, spinach, mushrooms, sweet peppers, lettuce, tomatoes & provolone


Hot Subs

Meatball or Sausage  $6.99

with mozzarella  $7.99

Sausage & Peppers  $7.49

with cheese  $7.99

Eggplant Parmesan $7.99
with mozzarella

Chicken Parmesan  $8.99
with mozzarella

Real Veal Parmesan  $8.99


Cold Subs $7.99 each

Make Your Own Hoagie A Grinder  $.50
Made with oil, provolone, lettuce, tomatoes, onions & oregano.  Ask for hot & sweet peppers, pickles & mayo

Regular Italian
Soppressata, provolone, capicola ham

Old Fashioned Italian
Soppressata, provolone, capicola, pepper ham

Cheese Mix

Ham & Cheese

Tuna & Cheese

Turkey & Cheese