Wraps, Burgers & Chicken Sandwiches

Served with chips

Substitute Fries $1.00 • Extra Toppings $.50


Low Carb Wraps $7.50 each

Buffalo Chicken
Grilled chicken breast, buffalo sauce, blue cheese, provolone, lettuce & tomatoes

Beef or Chicken
American cheese, lettuce & tomatoes

Chicken Caesar
Romaine lettuce, parmesan & caesar dressing

Grilled chicken, lettuce, bacon & ranch dressing

Provolone, lettuce, tomatoes & onions

Ham, salami, provolone, lettuce, tomatoes & onions


Charbroiled Burgers

5 oz Black Angus beef served on a Kaiser roll

Hamburger (plain)  $5.50

Cheeseburger (plain) $6.25
with lettuce, tomatoes & American cheese

Pizza Burger  $6.95
sauce & mozzarella cheese

Bacon Cheeseburger  $6.95
lettuce, tomatoes, & onions

Cheeseburger Sub (10 oz)  $8.95
American cheese, lettuce, tomatoes & onions
(ask for pickles, mayo, mustard & ketchup)


Charbroiled Chicken Sandwiches

Grilled Chicken  $6.25
Mayo, lettuce, tomatoes & American cheese

Caesar Chicken  $6.95
Caesar dressing, romaine lettuce & grated cheese

BBQ Chicken  $6.95
BBQ Sauce, lettuce, tomatoes & cheddar

Buffalo Chicken  $6.95
Buffalo sauce, blue cheese, provolone, lettuce & tomatoes

Chicken Siciliano  $6.95
Italian spices, fried onions, mushrooms & roasted peppers

NEW! Casablanca  $7.25
Pepper Jack, ham, grilled chicken, lettuce, tomatoes & mayo